It's For The Birds!

I confess to being horrible at keeping up this blogging thing. Like many of you, my life seems to be a whirlwind of activity. Being a freelance illustrator makes my schedule crazy enough, but add in a family (including two teenage daughters; one of which will be off to college in a year), tasks around the house, as well as various hobbies and there is little time left to maintain my various websites.

Speaking of which (and getting to the point of this entry), I have launched a little side business. It's called BIRDNIRD Studios. My illustration work, as you can see here on this website, is all digital and has a fairly "how-to" look to it. That's been my style for over two decades now. But I do like to create hand-drawn art as well. I've also been an amateur birder since I was a kid. So I decided to combine those proclivities and create bird-themed artwork to sell as greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Check it out if you get an opportunity. If you sign up for my newsletter, I'll send you a free card!



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