25 Years of Getting Paid to Draw Stuff

Although I did a few freelance jobs in 1990, my true beginning as a freelance illustrator was in 1993. Twenty-five years have gone by both slowly and quickly (as odd as that sounds). I went from being a single guy in my mid-20's to being married and now having two teenage daughters, with one in college. It's been a crazy ride!

I've been blessed to work with clients in all corners of the US, in Canada, the U.K. Germany, Amsterdam, Singapore, and a few other countries I'm forgetting at the moment. From small trade magazines to Time Magazine, from small businesses to Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, and just about every major book publisher.

To those of you who have trusted me to successfully fill your empty spaces with illustrations over the years, I can't thank you enough. As a young boy, my dream was to either be a paleontologist or an artist. I may still choose to dig up dinosaurs as an old man (possibly without knowing it), but for now, I'm still thrilled that one of my dreams came to fruition.

I'm still excited about the next assignment, and eager to put in another 25 years (or so) getting paid to draw stuff.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse at some of my early illustration assignments from 1993. As you can see, my style has changed radically since then...

NW Wines & Wineries book cover

Trailblazer Magazine

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