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"I can't perform life-saving surgery. I'm unable to teach physics, or to build an engine. God didn't give me those gifts. But He did bless me with the ability to create two-dimensional images on paper.

It's a cliché, but it's true that I get lost and escape to a different world when I'm working on my art. Time becomes irrelevant. Those are often my most blissful and peaceful moments. The troubles of the world still exist, but they fade into the background for a while.

When people look at my work, my hope is that they feel something similar; a brief escape from fear, worry, sorrow and pain.

What I do is not profound, heroic or worthy of honor, but I hope that the gift that God gave me can bring some joy to your life, at least for a moment. As always, I'm humbled by your kind words and support."

-Colin Hayes

Manito Park Art Festival booth pic
cricket closeup_promo.jpg

Colin Hayes spent much of his childhood with a crayon or pencil in hand, creating images. Unlike most kids, though, he never stopped drawing.

His dad was a private pilot, and while on a flight with him, Colin "illustrated" the entire instrument cluster of the airplane during the flight, at the age of 5.

When Colin was 13, his dad pulled some strings and got him into a college art class at William Jewel College, in Liberty, MO. It was an experience that made a permanent impact on him.

Being a member of the Art Honor Society in high school, as well as winning the Most Artistic award in his senior class further fueled those artistic ambitions. He graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 1989, and after a few years at a small design firm and as a staff artist at a local newspaper, he embarked on a freelance illustration career. After 30 years as a professional illustrator, he has redirected his focus on creating his own work.

In his free time (when there IS free time), he enjoys kayaking, hiking, cycling, bird watching and playing bass on his church's worship team.

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