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Colin has been creating images, professionally, since 1993 (and LONG before that, unprofessionally). His style is fairly technical, but he often incorporates humor, when appropriate (and sometimes when inappropriate).


His extensive client list includes: American Airlines, AMC TV, AT&T, Bank of America, Billboard Magazine, Consumer Reports, Esquire, Family Circle, Field & Stream, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Hershey's, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Men's Health, Microsoft, New York Times, Outdoor Life, Outside Magazine, Rolling Stone, Scientific American, Sports Illustrated, Sprint, Volkswagen, Wall Street Journal and XM Satellite Radio, to name a few.


He lives in Spokane Valley, WA with his wife, two daughters and one very needy (but cute) lab named Apollo.


  • 2016 Communicator Award of Distinction, illustrations for self-promotional category, created for Fingerpaint Marketing, "Selfie Self-Discretion" (signage in Albany Int'l Airport)

  • 2015 W3 Silver award (same illustrations and category as above)

  • SPJ Northwest Excellence in Journalism Competition. First Place winner in Magazines: Cartoons & Illustrations category for illustrations created for Seattle Met Magazine, 2013.



  • Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (interview), 2002

  • Vector Graphics and Illustration (Jack Harris & Steven Withrow, 2008)

  • Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks (Steven Heller & Rick Landers, 2014)

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