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Well, this is a sad, neglected little blog, isn't it? Since I try to send out a newsletter semi-regularly, I've all but forgotten about the blog.

With that said, here's a long-overdue show schedule for 2024:

• 33 Artists Market

April 20

Wonder Bldg.; Spokane, WA

• Manito Art Festival

June 8

Manito Park; Spokane, WA

• Bazaar (Terrain)

June 22

Downtown Spokane, WA

• Kendall Yards Night Market

July 3

Kendall Yards; Spokane, WA

• A Conspiracy of Artists Pop-Up Show

July 27–Dec. 31st

Jacklin Center; Post Falls, ID

• Liberty Lake Fall Festival

Sept. 15

Liberty Lake, WA

• Terrain 15

Oct. 4

Spokane, WA

• CVHS Fall Craft Fair

Nov. 2 & 3

Spokane Valley, WA

• Custers Annual Christmas Show

Nov. 22-24

Spokane Fair & Expo Center

• Kelly Quick House Party

Dec. 9

South Hill; Spokane, WA

• Brrrzaar (Terrain)

Dec. 14

Riverpark Square Mall; Spokane, WA

It's a busy year, show–wise. Come see me out and about!

The Manito show was my best ever. I sold an original (bottom left pic) to a very sweet couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Along with that, I sold many prints, cards and stickers. The crowd was steady most of the day.

The pic on the right is of my booth layout from Bazaar (including my new ProPanels), which was another amazing show.


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